Policies & Procedures

Parent’s should obtain a Parent Handbook from our reception desk for complete details on our policies.

REGISTRATION: Our goal is to place students in the most appropriate class for their age and ability level. Proper class placement is the best way for our students to grow and succeed. Our teachers will design a class program best suited for your dancer. The teachers and directors have the final authority in class placement. You can register for classes through our online system or at our studio. Registration fees will vary per season. Registration fees are non- refundable. 

DANCE ACCOUNTS: All our families have online accounts where you can check your dancer's account at anytime and make payments. You log in with your email address and create your own password keeping your information secure. We will email and contact families through our dance accounts. It is very important to keep your contact information up to date. 

PAYMENTS: Tuition payments are due by the first class of each month. Fees are based on a yearly program and are broken into convenient monthly payments – monthly fees remain the same September through June whether the month is 3 weeks long or 5 weeks long. 

LATE FEES: Any invoice 30 days past due will incur a $15 late fee. Late fees will continue to accrue until bill is paid or payment arrangements have been made with our office. It is essential to the operation of the studio that payments are made on time. 

RETURNED CHECKS: There will be a $30 charge for returned checks. (This fee is based on MD State Law 3-512) Anyone having 2 or more checks returned for insufficient funds will be asked to pay in cash or by money order. Checks cannot be redeposited. CLASS CANCELLATION: The directors and/or teachers reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. We will do all we can to conveniently reschedule your child. If a class is cancelled a refund will be given.

REFUNDS: Registration fees are non- refundable There will be no refunds made if your child misses a class; however they may make up the class (staff or your child's teacher will assist in scheduling). If we cancel a class due to teacher illness, we will arrange a make-up time. All make-up classes must be taken no later than May 1st. After this date classes are concentrating on recital dances.

Costume Deposits are non-refundable once costumes have been ordered

Recital Fees are non – refundable after April 1st 

ATTENDANCE: Dance is a learning progression and regular attendance is essential to a student's progress. Missing class means missing important technique work and choreography. Please call or email the studio if your child is going to miss class. If your child has to miss class due to illness they may attend another class at their level to make up. 

DRESS CODE: Dressing properly for class is part of the discipline required for dance. Specific requirements per class are addressed in our program guide. Absolutely no baggy shirts or pants will be allowed to be worn in class. Students who do not comply with our dress code will be given a warning. If a student continually dresses inappropriately they will be asked to sit out or will need to borrow a studio issued leotard and tights. 

DANCE SHOES: Specific requirements are addressed in our online program guide. All shoes can be purchased through the studio or our online store. Pointe shoes should only be purchased and worn with teacher recommendation.

CONFERENCES: If at any time you have questions or wish to talk with any of us regarding your child please call the studio (301-249-7430) or email us at dance@danceexpressionsinc.com. We will be happy to talk with you. Our classes run back-to-back; therefore, teachers are not available for discussion during class or between classes. 

WITHDRAWL: The studio requires 1 month's notice for withdrawal from classes. This MUST be communicated in writing and sent to our office (not the teachers). Billing will continue until notification is received. Please remember that class space has been reserved for your child. 

LATE PICK UP: It is very important that you pick up your child promptly after class, especially if it is the last class of the day. If any Dance Expressions employee must care for your child after their class, there will be a $15.00 service fee for the first 15 minutes and a $10 fee for every 15 minutes after that. This will be paid directly to the staff member caring for your child. You will be sent a bill for this service. If you have an emergency and are running late for any reason please call the studio.

CLASS OBSERVATION: Parents are invited to observe classes once in the fall and again in the spring. Parents will be notified with the specific dates. We ask parents to wait in the lobby during other times. It is very distracting to your child and the other students to have people in the dance area during classes. 

RECITAL: At the end of each dance year, we have a recital. Our recital will be held at Dr Henry A Wise HS, Upper Marlboro in mid to late June.  To help cover the facility rental we charge a recital fee per family. 

Recital fees are due by March 15 The recital fee is non-refundable after April 1. If your child will not be participating in the recital, please notify the office in writing as soon as possible before April 1. It is extremely important that you let us know if your child will not be participating in the recital since it affects the choreography and, ultimately, the other students in his/her class.

STUDIO CLOSINGS: There may be times we need to close the studio due to inclement weather. We will send email notifications of our status. Call the studio (301-249-7430) if you have any doubts. There will be a message on our voice mail. 

If schools close early for any reason other than the weather, call the studio for our status. Morning Classes: If Prince George's County schools are closed due to inclement weather A.M. classes will be cancelled. In the case of delayed openings morning classes will also be cancelled.

Afternoon and Evening Classes: If schools are closed due to inclement weather please call the studio for afternoon and evening class information. If the weather clears later in the day we may be open. If schools cancel after school activities due to weather we will also be closed.

Saturday Classes: If school activities are cancelled due to weather or there is a question with the weather please call the studio for class status. 

Please note: Because of the number of students we have enrolled in the studio you will not be called, but we will send emails to the effected classes. We will also have information on our voicemail. We will offer make-up classes after the third weather closing for your class. 

$40.00 Current Students
$50.00 Current Families (siblings only)

$50.00 New Students
$60.00 New Families (siblings only)

Yearly dance program tuition is broken down into 10 monthly payments.
Calculate how many hours of dance taken per week to find rate.


Total Hours of Dance Per Week          
.75 hr      $50 / per month    
1 hr.        $65        
1.5          $95
2             $120        
2.5          $146        
3             $172    
3.5          $196        
4             $220        
4.5          $244        
5             $265            
5.5          $286    
6             $305            
6.5          $322    
7             $338            
7.5          $354    
8             $370        
Unlimited Classes $375 (anything over 8 hrs.)