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Currently enrolling for 2016 - 2017 dance year where space available.

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Recital 2017 at Dr. Henry Wise Jr. High School June 23th & 24th

Dance Expressions offers classes in Ballet (Cecchetti syllabus & non – syllabus classes), Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary & Hip Hop for dancers ages 3 - adult (beginning through advanced levels). Classes are constructed from a unified curriculum ensuring dancers learn proper technique in all disciplines. Dancers progress through program levels according to their age, ability and experience. Dancers are encouraged to take as many technique classes as possible if they are serious and passionate about their training. All of our classes teach the proper technique for each discipline regardless of whether the dancer's intentions are purely recreational or if they have professional goals. This ensures that all of our dancers are gaining the foundation they need. Some dancers may start out with a recreational mindset; then, and as they mature, they may become more passionate about their dance training. We want to ensure that all of our dancers have the foundation they need to do whatever they desire with dance in the future.

(2 ½ yr olds are accepted on a trial basis) 

Class Placement 
Our goal is to place students in the most appropriate class for their age and ability level. Proper class placement is the best way for our students to grow and succeed. Our teachers will design a class program best suited for your dancer's needs and goals. The more serious dancer should take as many technique classes as possible, including lower level classes as they give the dancer the opportunity to enhance proper technique. It can be detrimental to a dancer's training to be in a class above their ability level. Dancers need to be able to physically execute movements properly to avoid creating bad habits or worse causing injury.

Please email or call with any questions you may have.

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Pre School Dance 3 - 4 yr. olds
Primary I Dance 5 - 6 yr. olds
Primary II Dance 7 - 8 yr. olds / beginning 9 - 10 yr. olds
Elementary Dance 9 - 10 yr. olds / beginning 10 - 12 yr. olds
Secondary Dance 10 - 12 yr. olds
Teen Dance 13 and up
Advanced Dance Teens
Adult Classes
Cecchetti Program
Student Performing Comapnies

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